French potatoes recipe – for Mikey and Cheryl

As previously announced in the title, this is for Mikey Salvador and Cheryl Er. Sorry guys it took me so long. 🙂

Ingredients needed: 7-8 potatoes, 3-4 eggs, margarine / butter, breadcrumbs, pepper, salt, red pepper spice, cream and cheese ( this is optional ).

Firstly, boil the potatoes ( with skin ) and separately boil the eggs. Meanwhile, grease a pot with margarine or butter ( your choice ), applying breadcrumbs to the entire surface after finishing this.

The potatoes and the eggs being boiled, scale them. Now, when you prepare french potatoes, be careful with the LAYERS. Slice 3-4 potatoes and arrange the slices in the pot, so that they stay at the bottom. Slice one egg too and spread it. Add spices – i usually put pepper and salt. Then, anoint this layer with 2-3 spoons of cream. Repeat this action until the pot is full and the last layer consists only of sliced potatoes. Pour cream in abundance in order to cover the slices. Add some grated cheese, if you want, same pepper, salt and i also decorate this last layer with red pepper spice, so that it looks prettier. 😛 Put the pot in the oven for approximately 30-40 minutes, at medium heat.

When it is ready, the last layer has an appealing golden crust .. well, i took 2 pictures, BEFORE and AFTER … i think you can guess which is which. 😀 The smell is unmistakable, anyway. 😀 



Enjoy your meal, guys !! 🙂

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